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JACK demo 

Welcome to the demonstration version of JACK, the automated tutoring and assessment system.

You can use this system as an anonymous user by clicking on the button at the top right corner of this screen. The anonymous account is shared between all users logging in this way.

You can also use this system with a personal account. Please use the login mask on the right hand side to log in with your account name and password. If this is your first visit, a new account with the given credentials will be created on-the-fly, provided the account name is not already in use. The password must contain at least six characters and cannot be modified afterwards. If you forgot your password, please contact an administrator.

By default all new accounts are defined as student profiles. A change of a user account to the teacher profile can be performed by administrators in the users management view.

Please note that accounts in this demonstration version will be cleaned up from time to time and all stored data gets lost.

For general information about JACK, please refer to our website:

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